Benny really is a humble man or maybe just secretive.  I’ve been married to him for almost 20 years and he just told me a story tonight about his very first arrest.  I laughed my arse off…

He was only in the police academy for 30 days or so when he witnessed a purse snatching from an elderly woman.  He immediately chased down the suspect and apprehended him by pressing his finger into the suspects back pretending he had a gun.  The suspect surrendered thinking there was a gun in his back…As a trainee Benny was not yet issued his police service revolver.  Hey if the finger works, try it.

He received the first of many Commendations for his initiative, action and zeal from the police department for that arrest.

That’s just the beginning…

I’ll tell you stories from the early years up to and including each day forward.

As they say, Once a Cop, Always a Cop…but this guy goes above and beyond the call of duty, off-duty or retirement.

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If you’ve been lucky or unlucky enough to know Benny, you will have a story to tell.   Post your story here and let us know how he truly affected your life..

Either he helped you in a situation, arrested you for being bad, loved you madly, saved your life, fed you until you were ready to explode, played ball with you, challenged you to become the best,  or just left you with a good story to tell.

Let’s hear  your story..

Alvin, Eddie and Benny-Ready for the Premiere of the movie American Gangster at the Apollo Theatre in NYC


Eddie Jones, Benny and Alvin Spearman dressed in their Sunday suits and ready to attend the premiere of “American Gangster” at the Apollo Theatre in NYC


So what ABOUT BENNY..Superhero, Food Devil, Troubleshooter, Grand-Papa  Well if you been lucky or unlucky enough to know Benny, you will have your own story to tell about him and we want you to POST your story right here.

First why this blog about him.  Well, he and I were crazy enough to end up as guests on the Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on November 25, 2013 in a segment called “Cut the Creep”, in regards to keeping off the added weight gain during the holidays. I’m a fan of the show and it resonated with me not only because of holiday weight gain but the truth that Benny romances me with food all year and in the 20 years we’ve been together, I’ve gained over 30 pounds.  Anyway, enough about me. Benny was invited on to the show with me because I called him my “Food Devil.”  All he did was sit in the background on the set of the Today Show and eat a piece of pumpkin pie and he quickly had a fan club of many followers.  All he had to do was EAT A PIECE OF PIE…Anyway, I knew he was a STAR to begin with.  He’s been more than a STAR in my life and the lives of many others.  You see, Benny was and is a HERO, rather SUPERHERO Retired cop with lots of stories to tell including the most famous case of the arrest of the Frank Lucas family and gang in the early 1970’s.  You may have seen the movie, American Gangster starring Denzil Washington and Russell Crowe.  That movie was loosely based on the story of Frank Lucas and the Country Boys and their arrests by 3 hero undercover detectives, Benny Abruzzo, Alvin Spearman and Eddie Jones also known as the Z TEAM.

What does this story and Benny eating a piece of pie have to do with one another, well keep coming back for more true stories ABOUT BENNY.